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Legal Notice

Tax identification :

Corinne Thouvenin, photographer-visual artist.

legal form: micro BNC

SIRET: 502 765 639 000 21

APE: 9003 A artistic creation in the plastic arts

RCS: Amiens

Contact details :


Email n ° 2:

Phone. : 06 62 98 90 68  or from abroad  +33  6 62 98 90 68

Address: 9/308 rue des saintes claire, 80,000 Amiens.

The website

Name: www.  

Director of publication: Corinne Thouvenin.

Site design: Corinne Thouvenin and Inc.

Host: Inc.  500 Terry A François Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94158.   Phone. :  +1  415 639 9034. 

Site Security: Inc.

Intellectual property : 

Image credits : Corinne Thouvenin.

Text credits :

  • Agénore Thoré => interviews

  • Orlane Robert => english version: translation of webpages  "Interviews/Press", "Artistic approach", "Creative process" and "Biography".

  • Corinne Thouvenin => french version of this website.

It is forbidden to reproduce all or part of the texts and images on this site without the consent of their author : Art. L111-3 of the Intellectual Property Code. Any unauthorized reproduction constitutes an infringement (Art. L122-4 and L335-2 of the Intellectual Property Code), even if it serves a positive function (for example to promote myself). 
In addition, in the event of a reproduction agreement, the moral rights of the artist / author require you not to use the work / text for a negative purpose. In particular, you must not use it to tarnish the image of the artist / author, nor use my photos to defame someone.

Cookies and personal data  : 
_ Purpose of cookies
On this site, cookies are only used to collect statistics aimed at improving the functioning and visibility of this site. They do not serve any marketing purpose.
_ Accept cookies 
If cookies are accepted, the validity period of your consent is, according to French law, a maximum of 13 months. If cookies are accepted, you allow Wix (the host of this site) and your Internet search engine to send me anonymous and general statistics aimed at optimizing this site. 
_ Refuse cookies
You have the option of refusing cookies, however certain elements of the site may not work. An “Allow” / “Deny” banner is displayed when you visit this site for the first time. If you have accepted but have changed your mind, you can delete or block these cookies at any time by making a setting in the Settings of your search engine.
In case of malfunction of this banner, please inform me quickly at 06 62 98 90 68 or at
_ Rights of opposition, interrogation, access and rectification relating to personal data
I do not collect any personal data, except those that you give me by filling out the contact form. This information is only used to respond to you. I register your email in only one case: to keep you informed of my news, when you have requested it by email or by phone or face-to-face (often during an exhibition). You can ask me to delete your email from my Contacts file at any time.
Any request should be submitted to and, in copy, to In the event of a dispute, the CNIL is the competent authority to which you refer.
Of course, you have the possibility to contact me directly, without using the contact form. My full contact details can be found in the Contact information section of this page and on the Contact page. 

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Proofreading by nobody.

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