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1983:  beginning in painting,, self-taught (Nouméa, New Caledonia).

1990 :  beginning in analogue photography (Paul Claudel high school, Laon, France). 

1996:  Master of Visual Arts degree (Jules Verne University, Amiens, France).  Master’s thesis on "Ambiguity as a Method of Operation" in my pictorial installations.  

1990-96:  group exhibitions of my paintings, in Picardy.

1998-2002 : teaching in visual arts, in college; animation of visual arts workshops in an extracurricular setting.

2003-04 : guided tours of the FRAC Picardie exhibitions, at the Regional Funds for Contemporary Art and in the Frac branches.

2004 :  beginning in digital photography, self-taught.

2005-06 : writing of texts on artists and works for the Amiens Métropole art library; guided tours of the artothèque exhibitions; production of educational and thematic files related to the collection.

2006-08 : organization of artistic events; conducting interviews with personalities from the art world; and participation in the publication of books for the Art Research and Essay Network.

2008: first sales of art photographs. First registration in the trade and companies register of Amiens.

2011: first group exhibitions as a visual artist photographer. 

Since 2015:  first individual exhibitions as a visual artist photographer.  

2019:  registration to the ADAGP, the Society of Authors of Graphic and Plastic Works.

2020:  putting my website on the Internet, in French version.

2022:  launch of my website in English.


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